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01/07/12 05:43 PM #1    

Wendy Hoag

Welcome to the forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

05/02/15 03:00 PM #2    


Scott L. Snider

Hi fellow classmates,

You may not remember me but I was Rick Nowels sidekick, Scott.  At 61 I decided it was time to put in my two cents.  I invite you all that feel inspired to contact me here.  I will answer back.  I appreciate each and every one of you who have made it on your journey this far.  And for those who have transitioned ahead of us...I salute you and wish you well on your continuing journey in another dimension.

05/02/15 10:03 PM #3    

Susan M. Glotzbach (Schinsing)

Hi Scott,i knew Rick from (i think)Ms Nowell's?) english class,where he ,i and Joel Roberts were in some group or other....Joel went on to radio talk shows,Rick went on to song writting, and i with my costume and party biz went on to write singing telegrams,she must have been a great teacher:) see yearbook '71 page 72(ha!) for how i remember you two.Happy 61 to all of us!

09/20/15 09:47 PM #4    

Sarah M. Catterson (Nielsen)

Congratulations to Jane Anderson who won an Emmy tonight.  Great acceptance speech too!

09/21/15 12:29 PM #5    

Jane E. Thompson (Tight)

Congratulations Jane! What an achievement!


09/21/15 05:49 PM #6    

John Low

Hurray for Jane!!!!

09/21/15 06:19 PM #7    

Linda Joy Stone (Luna)

Awesome Jane!!! I watched the show and was so impressed by all of your talent and accompllishments. Wow. And your dress was the best...really you looked adorable. You go girl!!!! Linda Stone (Luna)

09/21/15 09:03 PM #8    

Susan M. Glotzbach (Schinsing)

Yippie! to a fellow LAHS drama dept.alumni:we always knew you were destined for greatness!

Shay Shay, Bu-ca-shee!

09/21/15 11:34 PM #9    

John Low

We now have a Grammy fom Rick Nowles and Jane an Emmy would someome please earn a Nobel prize to round out the class. We now have a reputation to maintain. 

09/22/15 10:01 AM #10    

Denise Steele

hahaha John! cute reply.  Congrats to both!  Denise

09/22/15 10:41 AM #11    

Scott Selover

It is pretty cool. Congrats to Jane. I guess I've just been out of touch all these years

09/22/15 11:24 AM #12    

Nancy Hawkinson (Oberst)

I am impressed!  Congratulations Jane!!

09/22/15 01:06 PM #13    

Judy Dunworth (Roberson)

Congratulations to Jane Anderson!  I've seen all of her films including Olive Ketteridge on HBO.  Her films are always meaningful, human stories.  What a wonderful school and class we had--class of 1972!

Judy Dunworth (Roberson)

09/23/15 12:23 PM #14    

Richard Bowen

Jane was voted "class comedian" '72 and I was the male side of that vote.  I am still waiting for my Emmy - I have a feeling I have a long wait.  Congrats to Jane!!!

06/01/21 12:39 PM #15    

Karen S. Kaplan

I really enjoyed reading the 1972 history and listening to the music. Thanks for nostalgic memories!

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