In Memory

Gary Garibaldi

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04/27/15 12:50 PM #12    

Richard Bowen

Gary had an awful disease and his future was dim. Regarding John's comments, I don't believe it is appropriate to enter the "gun debate" in this setting.  Blaming an inanimate object like a gun for this tragedy is comparible to "blaming" the kitchen knife when one cuts a finger cutting an onion.  RIP Gary. . .

04/27/15 02:27 PM #13    

Susan M. Glotzbach (Schinsing)

Did not know about Gary's disease,just thought he was "teased to death"

Phil Lewis came as a shock,but did not know him after Santa Rita.

And Richard, i agree with your take on gun issue,my brother hated

guns,and had there been a barrier on GG Bridge back then he would

have found some other way,but not a gun.Donations to suicide prevention entities

may be nice,but the real ticket is to know the signs and act.

(watch the over-use of anti-deppressants)

Sadly, the bottom line is even then if one really wants to do this they will,

and leave friends and family wondering what could they have done to

prevent it.Steve fooled the bridge patrol person that night that questioned him,

imagine how that person feels about trying to prevent it.

And last, if you are touched by a suicide,please remember there are many

of us out there and it helps to share,in this way also, we bring awareness to

this and may help others.

And we are still here!(Hi to Nancy,Jane,Richard,Rick, Ron,Eric and Robert,fond memories of all of you)

04/27/15 02:28 PM #14    

Susan M. Glotzbach (Schinsing)

....and don't hit "submit 3 times:)

04/28/15 01:39 PM #15    

Richard Bowen

From what I heard at the time, Gary was suffering from a condition that affects the pituatary gland.  He had received bad news from his M.D. shortly before he took his own life.  No doubt he suffered from teasing, high school was a bad time in that regard for many.

04/28/15 02:21 PM #16    

Richard W. Nowels

as sad as it is remembering gary and phil it's nice to hear from everyone here. those were very powerful years for me and i'm guessing for everyone else too. it's good to reflect and process the past. does anyone else still feel 18 in their heads? a show of hands?

in our own way we are honoring their lives and the short time we all spent together. i hope their parents or siblings get a chance to read this and let them know that we all cared about their lives and are still saddened by their deaths 43 years later...

did anyone ever know what happened to jim blazek? i got to know jim a little in 11th grade...he was a great musician and quite a loner...

i'm still in touch w andy hingston and joel roberts...

oh well...nice to be in communication with you all.







04/28/15 04:10 PM #17    

Eric F. Weitzmann

Right you are Dick Bowen on Gary's condition, I had forgotten the exact cause. Rick Nowels, I bought a cheap-o Bass similar to the ones that you would find a Woolworth's from Jim Blazek probably around freshman year. He was a really good guitarist, I remember that his bands always played at LACY. He was one of those guys that already looked like they were in their 20's. Nice mellow dude.


16 going on 61, over and out, EW

04/28/15 10:20 PM #18    

Susan M. Glotzbach (Schinsing)

Jim Blaizek lived in Placerville last we heard ,married to a social worker.

04/29/15 06:50 PM #19    

Linda S. Ciolli (Minor)

Thanks for remembering Gary. I knew him since junior high. He would jog around the Egan campus every day. One time we (the girls and I) tried to jog with him and we couldn't keep up! Gary was in my geography class when he took his own life. We were all devastated. The question has always haunted me "what could I have done or said to help him? Unfortunately I and my family have lost 3 friends in the last year to suicide.  Even through all of these tragedies I still believe in hope and the kindness of mankind.

04/30/15 12:23 PM #20    

John J. Troidl


You might have been in a hurry at the time but I am not sure you read my comment/suggestion carefullly.  Here is what I wrote:

"The memories are important not only to honor people who were are friends but perhaps to motivate us to help others in need.  Perhaps each of us can contribute to some form of charity that helps people in need .... suicide hot lines, Brady Campaign to reduce gun violence*, family counseling programs, etc. in the name of our friend..  Does not need need to be much and it could be either cash or a time contribution.  Just some way of doing something good in the name of friends we remember."

The point was that there are a VARIETY of ways to honor our friends in a positive, constructive manner... including what I FIRST mentioned which was a donation to a suicide hot line.... also mentioned family counseling programs.  

Bottom line... we can lament (which is legit) or we can actually try to be "part of the solution" which requires us to do something like volunteer or make a contribution.  That's my message/request.


05/01/15 11:52 AM #21    

Richard Bowen

I read it all John - oh you forgot to include the asterisk footnote in your recent post.  You said, "Reduction of gun violence is first and foremost an attempt to deal with suicide."  As I stated in my previous post, blaming an  inanimate object (gun) for someone's suicide is akin to blaming the kitchen knife when one cut's a finger dicing an onion.  Suicide is more complicated than that. 

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