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11/30/21 11:50 AM #1    

Karl Hansen

I think Andre was a hero in his time.  Though I barely knew him, he was always kind and open to conversation with me.  I can barely imagine what it must have been like for him to live in the non-diversified world that we were all raised in.  I am sorry to see the message of his passing and hope that those who did know him well can share their thoughts.

11/30/21 02:13 PM #2    

Jill Sant (Johnson)

Andre and I were friends.  He was such a gentle soul. So kind, smart, and funny.  We talked a lot but not much about his unique spot in our school.   Hmmmm, another opportunity missed.  He truly was a lovely human being. 

12/01/21 11:12 AM #3    

Richard W. Nowels

Yes, it must have been very lonely to be a person of color in a very all white high school in the late 60's/early 70's. I remember his face. He seems like a good soul. Sorry i never knew him. RIP Andre.


12/01/21 02:46 PM #4    

William P. Johnston

I remember Andre as a friend, and later, as a co-worker at Northern California Savings & Loan (now Chase Bank at 3rd & Main).

Andre was a very thoughtful and gentle soul, who possesed a wry sense of humor. At NCS&L he was a stealth practical joker, but also a very thorough and competent worker. During the only robbery attempt at our branch (that I remember) Andre remained cool & calm, following bank protocol perfectly -- something I'm not so sure many of us might be prone to accomplish.

As we got to know each other more completely, he would sometimes venture to discuss his "unique place" (as the only person of color) at LAHS: While acknowledging of that fact, he expressed that he considered himself a fellow classmate in every way, primarily because "most everyone he met at LAHS treated him no differently."

Truely, a class person, and someone that will be missed. RIP, Andre...

12/01/21 07:34 PM #5    

Eric F. Weitzmann

I remember Andre well, and his twin brother Michael. They were both very nice fella's, but also very different from one another. Andre was more into athletics/sports at the time, and Michael was into music. Captain Beefheart of all things. Which was pretty mindblowing stuff for most highschoolers back then. When I started working at Tower in Mt. View in 1980 Andre was DJing and used to come in to buy records. It was nice to catch-up with him. Michael used to work at the Wherehouse Records store in Clarkwood Center on El Camino close to El Monte. R.I.P. Andre

12/02/21 07:26 AM #6    

Gerald G. (Jerr) Rief


Andre was one of my closest friends and the only person I stayed in contact with from LAHS. We became friends senior year and shared a mutual love of the S F Bay music scene.  I will always remember his big smile, hearty deep laugh, and generous nature


Thanks to him I met my wife. I can't fathom what my life would be like if he hadn't convinced me to ask that pretty girl to dance.  It changed the course of my life.


After graduating from UCLA he went into tech sales, but his side gig as a local event deejay was his passion.  He was also an avid bike rider and completed many century bike rides.  He married in his forties, became the father of twins at fifty, and eventually moved his family out near us in Placer County, Ca. in 2003.  We saw each other sporadically at parties,barbecues, and the occasional concert, but would always check in every few months to make sure everything was okay.  His voicemail was still on my phone telling me everything was going well just two weeks before his passing. He was the friend I could always call to talk about anything, but he never told me he was dying of cancer.  True to form he didn't want to worry anyone.  That’s okay Dre, I’ll see you down the road my friend- Rest In Peace.

12/02/21 06:21 PM #7    

John Low

   I had very limited contact with Andre last was in 1980 he was so friendly with a poisitive atitude.  Rest in peace Andre.  

John Low




12/02/21 07:32 PM #8    

Bill Lomax

Andre was a great friend... at LAHS and later. We stayed in touch for about 10 years after high school, camping and dinners, then drifting apart. He was a good man with a good heart. I'm saddened to hear this. Rest in peace my friend.

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